How can I reconcile assets in ITAM 12.6 from assets in ITCM 12.5?


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The ca_agent_prop table must be populated for ITAM 12.6 to reconcile ITCM 12.5 Assets.

ITCM does not populate this table by default.


  1. In order to populate the ca_agent_prop table on your ITCM mdbs, you must apply patch RO33494 to the ITCM Domain Managers (DM)/Enterprise Manager (EM).

    This patch can be downloaded from the URL below:

  2. You should also create an index for this table in SQL Server. This can be done in one of two ways:

    1. If you have not installed your ITCM DM/EM 'mdb' yet, you can use the master image patch RO33495, to patch your ITCM installation media before the installation to include this index.

      The URL for this patch is below:

    2. If you have already installed your ITCM DM/EM then you can use test fix T5JZ154 to create the index. If you need this testfix please open a support ticket and request this testfix number and we shall provide it.

  3. Once you have patched your ITCM DM(s)/EM and created the index, you need to allow a "FULL" collect to run for all of your agents. As the ca_agent_prop table can only get fully populated once the FULL inventory has been processed by the Collect engine task.

    By default, once an asset scan runs on an agent at least once, each collect after that will only be DELTA values in order to save network bandwidth.

    To force a full collect of the agents inventory, you can follow one of the two procedures below:

    1. In the DSM Explorer right click on the agent or a group of selected agents in the DSM Explorer and select "Asset Jobs->Activate Job Check"

      <Please see attached file for image>

      Figure 1

      Select all boxes in the window that appears and then click 'OK and allow the asset scans to run and the collect engine tasks to collect the Full inventory files.

      <Please see attached file for image>

      Figure 2

    2. You can also force a FULL asset scan/collection on the agents locally by running the command below:

      caf start amagent args //COLLECT

      You then wait for the amagentsvc.exe process to terminate on the agent and wait for the collect engine task for that agent's Scalability Server to run again and process the full scan results.

  4. At this point you can check the ca_agent_prop (Select * from ca_agent_prop) table to see if it is starting to get updated. Once it is populated you are ready to reconcile assets in ITAM 12.6. If needed please review your ITAM 12.6 documentation or open a support issue for additional assistance.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence


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