REGDAYS, a new ERO parameter, prevents reports from being deleted before a specific date


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REGDAYS is a new ERO parameter that places reports in non-deletable status.

Once a REGDAYS date is assigned to a report, it can only be extended but never reduced based on changes in the ERO table.


The REGDAYS parameter is a new ERO parameter that places reports in a non-deletable status.

It works this way:

  1. When the REGDAYS parameter is used in the ERO table, matching reports are flagged as non-deletable until the calculated REGDAYS
    date has been reached. Valid values are 0 to 32767.

  2. The REGDAYS date is calculated by adding the REGDAYS value to the report ARCHIVE date.

  3. Once a REGDAYS date is assigned to a report, it can only be extended but never shortened via changes in the ERO table.


  1. Even if a user is authorized to delete the report, the delete will fail if the current date is prior to the REGDAYS date.

  2. If you try to use the SARBCH /CHANGE ARCHDATE function, it will fail with a message if the target report is under REGDAYS control.

  3. Centera retention is specified in seconds from the Centera creation date which is based on GMT time. CA View will apply a local time zone adjustment
    to number of seconds so report is retained until midnight local time. This will insure that a Centera Compliance Plus device will also force the
    REGDAYS date.

    1. Even Centera applications outside of CA View will not be permitted to delete the report.

    2. This also places a restriction on Indexing a REGDAYS controlled report that is stored on Centera. Since the old index cannot be removed, the report cannot be re-indexed. CA View will fail the Index operation with a message.

    3. Any time a REGDAYS date is extended, that change will be sent to the Centera during the next backup cycle.


Example 1
If a report is archived on 01/01 with REGDAYS=20, it cannot be deleted before 01/21.

If on 01/15 the ERO table entry is changed to REGDAYS=5, new reports archive on 01/15 cannot be deleted until 01/20.

Changing the REGDAYS parameter will not affect reports already under a previous REGDAYS setting. Reports archived on the 01/01 with the REGDAYS=20 setting will be non-deletable until 01/21.

Example 2
If on 11/10, the ERO table entry is changed from REGDAYS=5 to REGDAYS=25, new reports for that day cannot be deleted until 12/05.
In addition the reports were archived earlier on 11/01 will be non-deletable until 11/26 because the new REGDAYS value of 25 is greater than the old REGDAYS value of 5.


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