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How to create, export and import reports in EEM.


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How to create, export and import reports in EEM.


The ID used to create the report in EEM will need to be a member of both the Administrator and Analyst application user groups, for the application CAELM.

To Adjust application user group memberships:

Login to EEM, application set to CAELM.
Proceed to Manage Identities.
Find and select the id you wish to modify.
Select the "Add Application User Details".
Move the Group "Analyst" and/or "Administrator" from the Available
User Groups to the Selected User Groups.
Save the user.


Adjust the following EEM policies within the CAELM application:

"Administrator Create policy"
"Analyst Create-Schedule-Annotate policy"
Adding the ID or group to the selected identities and grant them create access and save the policies.

Creating the report

Login to EEM, with the application set to WCC0002
Proceed to the Manage Reports tab.
Under Reports, Click the button for "New Report"
Enter a name "WCC_LOGIN_REPORT"
Click Next

In the Report Layout adjust the Grid Rows & Columns to a value of 1.

Click "Edit Panel Contents", the Pencil icon to the far left.

in Panel Design
Enter Panel name: WCC_LOGINS
Click Next to get to Query Columns

Add the following columns:

Make sure the checkbox "Visible" is selected for each of the columns.
Click Next to get to Query Conditions.
In the Filters section click the "New Event Filter" button.

add the following filter logic so it reads:

Logic (Column Operator Value)

And source_domainname Equal to WCC0002
And event_action Equal to authenticateWithPassword
And result_code Not like EE_*
Click Save - Saving the panel
Click Save - Saving the Report
Now you should see the new report in the lower left hand part of your screen, select it and it should display the listing of users and when they logged in.

Exporting a report

Login to EEM
Proceed to the Manage Reports tab.
Click the button for "Export Report definitions to a file".
Locate and select the user report to be exported from the Available Reports area and move it to the Selected Reports, via the Right Arrow button.
Only user created reports can be exported.
Click the Export button.
Enter a filename and location for reported to be save to.
This will be saved with a .xml file extension.
Click OK to confirm the report was exported.
Click Close to close the Export Report Selection window.

Importing a Report

Login to EEM
Proceed to the Manage Reports tab.
Click the button for "Import Report definitions from a file"
If you find that the Import button is disabled then the ID used to login to EEM lacks permissions for this action.
Make sure to login to EEM as an ID that is a member of the "Analyst" application user group, for the CAELM application.
See the below NOTE for more details.
Enter the file location and name or use the browse option to populate the field.
Click OK


Release: ETRIA199000-8.4-Embedded Entitlements Manager