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Clarity: How are the fields calculated for the PMO Accelerator Key Performance Indicators Portlet?


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I am trying to find info on a few clarity fields. The Schedule_sl, Risk_sl and Issues_sl fields are all indicators that show up on the Key Performance Indicators portlet. They are status indicators that use a calculation to determine if they are red, green or yellow. Where can I find information about out of the box fields like this to determine is we want to use them or create our own calculations?


Portlet Name = Key Performance Indicators
Portlet ID = cop.portfolioPerformIndicator
Data Provider = (Query) Key Performance Indicators
Query ID = cop.portfolioPerforIndicator

The calculations are determined from the query data provider on the portlet. Within the Query definition, click on the Query Attribute to see the configured Display Mappings.

change_sl = count of Change Requests that are not closed. If there is a non-zero count, this indicates open, Change Requests exist
Yellow Checkmark = Change Requests Exist (1 to 1,000)

issue_sl = a numeric value assigned to the highest priority status on Issues that are not closed
Green = Low Priority (1)
Yellow = Medium Priority (2)
Red = High Priority (3)

risk_sl = the Risk Score that appears on the Project Schedule page
Green = Low (1 to 34)
Yellow = Medium (35 to 68)
Red = High (69 to 100)

schedule_sl = a numeric value calculated as the number of days between the Planned Cost Finish Date and the Project Baseline Finish Date
Green = On Schedule (-100,000 to 1)
Yellow = Less than 10% over baseline (1 to 11)
Red = More than 10% over baseline (11 to 100,000)

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus