UIM installation fails during database creation (Linux with MySQL)
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UIM installation fails during database creation (Linux with MySQL)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


UIM installation failed during a fresh installation (Linux/MySQL)


- UIM - Linux- MySQL database


mySQL database installation issue

During UIM installation the database could not be created. Installation failed.

The dba created the database as CA_UIM before the on-site installation took place. The DBA created the database using all uppercase letters.

Since mySQL doesn't allow 2 databases of the same name even if the case is different, installation was failing because during the install was specifying the database name in lowercase as uim_db.

Trying to create a new database using the lowercase name BUT it was failing since the lowercase name was the same except for the difference in case.


Deleted the CA_UIM database and had the installer create it anew and then there was no conflict with the name and it was then successful.