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Problem while adding a directory under Directory Integration in ITCM 12.5


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The following error occurs while trying to add a directory item under Control Panel -> Directory Integration in the DSM Explorer:

LDAP Extended Error - Please consult extended information and the DSM log files (GUI/CMM)" Details: "Extended Error : Failed to contact and/or read from the LDAP directory. Please ensure that the correct details have been entered. LDAP Error Reason : The LDAP server was not contactable"

The above error can be found in TRC_GUI*log along with the following one:

211211-14:46:22.0427714L|008472|00002ef0|GUI |GUI_DIR |adlookup.cpp |000047|ERROR | Failed to get DC. Error code = 1355


Basically the error "Failed to get DC. Error code = 1355" is related to a failure while connecting/looking up for the DC of the domain.

What can be done first is to test the connection of the DC Domain with the command:

ping <DC Domain>

If it fails, check for DNS resolution.

An alternate workaround is to add the DC Hostname in the Domain Manager / AD hosts file to be able to add the directory item.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.5-Asset Intelligence