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How to install the Visual Studio Plug-in with a 64-bit SCM Client


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister



All Microsoft Visual Studio versions (including 2010) are 32-bit applications, and the CA SCM VSIP Plug-in for Visual Studio is also a 32-bit application.

Can the CA SCM VSIP 32-bit Plug-in integrate with the 64-bit SCM Client? If so, are there any special steps needed to install the 32-bit Plug-in for use with the 64-bit Client?

CA Software Change Manager allows you to integrate the native 32-bit VSIP Visual Studio Plug-in with the 64-bit SCM client on a 64-bit Windows platform. You will, however, experience problems if you install the 64-bit Client to the default location of "C:\Program Files\CA\SCM" on a 64-bit Windows system.


CA SCM requires that the VSIP Plug-in and the CA SCM Client be installed to the same directory location. Failure to do so will result in unexplained errors and/or unpredictable behavior when using the Plug-in. To work around this problem, 64-bit SCM Client software must be installed to a neutral location outside of "C:\Program Files".

Why is this necessary?

The Windows operating system determines whether any application is 32 or 64 bit during installation. If you try to install a 32-bit application to "C:\Program Files" on a 64-bit box, Windows will automatically detect this and redirect the install to "C:\Program Files (x86)". Since Windows does not provide an option to override this behavior, you cannot install the 32-bit VSIP plug-in to "C:\Program Files" on a 64-bit platform.

To work around this issue and successfully install the 64-bit CA SCM Client and the 32-bit VSIP Plug-in together, you should install the client to a neutral location that is neither within "C:\Program Files" nor "C:\Program Files (x86)".

You may choose a target on a different drive or a different directory on the "C:" drive.

Here are some examples of "neutral" locations for installing the CA SCM Client and VSIP Plug-in in a 64-bit environment:


Note that you cannot mix 32 and 64-bit SCM components (except for the 32-bit VSIP Plug-in) on the same box.

You cannot install a 32-bit CA SCM Server on the same box as a 64-bit SCM Client.
You cannot install a 64-bit CA SCM Server on the same box as a 32-bit SCM Client.

The location you select for installing the CA SCM Server must be the same location you choose for the CA SCM Client, and, if you intend to also install the VSIP Plug-in on a 64-bit Windows, this location cannot be "C:\Program Files"

In effect, this means you cannot install any component of CA SCM to "C:\Program Files" on a 64-bit Windows platform if you intend to also install the 32-bit SCM VSIP Plug-in on that same box.


Release: SCMNCR99000-12.1-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem