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Web Agent :: IIS 7.5 : GUI and manual install


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When installing and configuring Agent for IIS 7.5 using the GUI, I don't have to select which Agent I would like to configure (Web Agent or Agent for IIS 6, 7.0 or 7.5). But if I follow the installation and configuration procedure to manually configure it, I need to follow Appendix B or C depending if you configure Web Agent or Agent for IIS and the Web Server version.

Why there are differences between the manual and GUI configuration process? Is the GUI process for both Web Agent and Agent of IIS?


GUI mode detects the version of IIS installed on the Web Server and configures it accordingly. However when you are configuring the Web Agent manually you have to follow different steps for IIS6 and IIS7.x and that's why in the documentation you find 2 sections (Appendix B and C) to configure the agent manually.


Component: SMIIS