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Change Sort Order on Service Desk List Forms


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The Web Screen Painter (WSP) application can be used to change the sort order of Service Desk list forms.


In this example, we will change the sort order on the Incident list page (list_in.htmpl) to sort by priority:

  1. Login to Web Screen Painter (WSP)

  2. Select Tools -> Schema Designer and select the 'in' object/factory

  3. Click on the 'Domsets' tab on the right pane

  4. Right click on 'in_list_web' and select 'Properties'

  5. In the 'Sort by columns', move priority to the front of the list

  6. Save and publish the changes

  7. Stop Service Desk Manager service

  8. Run pdm_publish

  9. Restart the Service Desk Manager service

This same procedure can be used to make changes to the sort order for other Service Desk list forms


Component: ARGIS