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CA DLP r 14.0 - Data Warehouse and Business Object (BOE) reports fixes and enhancements.


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FIX:RO40803 (incorporating Server_14.0_HF006 and BOXI_14.0_HF007) addresses the following issues with CA DLP Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) reports:

  1. Contention issues have been seen with CA DLP Row Level Security (RLS) initialization when running multiple Web Intelligence reports concurrently. Applying FIX:RO40803 removes this contention.

  2. Historical events for e-mail addresses newly associated with users do not get updated as being associated with the users (or their group.) After applying the fix, historical events are now updated to be associated with the users.

  3. Audit issue data can fail to appear in the Data Warehouse when historic backlog processing is used. After applying the fix audit issue data now appears as expected.

  4. Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) Web Intelligence reports can fail to run for the CA DLP hybrid security models on an Oracle database. The observed error message is:

    "A database error occurred. The database error text is: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist. (WIS 10901)".

    After applying the fix these reports now run correctly.

  5. A custom policy with a backslash in its name can fail the Oracle Data Warehouse load. The observed error message is:

    "ORA-20001: DLP_AGG.rut_dlp_load_data Failed. Error - ORA-30004: when using SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH function".

    After applying the fix this situation is now handled correctly.

  6. Oracle Data Warehouse installation may drop two empty tables and recreate them in the default tablespace, overriding the tablespace specified by native script database creation. After applying the fix the installation behaves correctly.

  7. Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) reports are not doing distinct counts, which results in over counting. After applying the fix counts are now correct.

  8. The Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) Incident Cause Frequency report returns too few rows due to an extraneous filter. After applying the fix this report now returns the expected number of rows.

  9. Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) Compliance Audit report does not include all reviewers. After applying the fix the report includes the expected reviewers.

    In addition to the above fixes FIX:RO40803 includes the following enhancements:

    1. Addition of user attributes and classifier score to Data Warehouse.

    2. Ability to enable Oracle trace for Oracle based BOE reports (WGN_TRC package.)

    3. Various performance improvements to data warehouse load processes, database statistics and RLS views.

    4. Various performance enhancements to BOE universe and reports.


FIX:RO40803 is available to download from the CA Support Portal (

Note: customers with BOE custom reports based on older standard BOE reports are recommended to re-sample them from the latest standard report version, as performance gains can be substantial.


Component: DLPAPM