Minidisk Utilization Reporting.


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We want to be able to determine the IN USE minidisk utilization, not just the ALLOCATED amount and we are looking at the VMJMDISK report, which seems to be the only report that does minidisk utilization. When we run the report and see the bytes used indicated for a userid, is the number of bytes the ALLOCATED amount, or, the IN USE amount? Our feeling is that the bytes shown are the ALLOCATED number of bytes, not the actual IN USE number of bytes.

If the bytes indicated in the VMJMDISK reports is the number of ALLOCATED bytes, is there any way that VM:Account can report on the actual IN USE space?

If not, is there any other utility that might?



VMJMDISK only reports the allocated size. It does not provide 'IN USE' information. For accounting, you want to charge for the use of the allocated minidisks since you can't use the unused space for anything else.

The VM Product Manager DASD Utilities, do however, provide this kind of information. We suggest you start with VMRMDS which is the Minidisk Scanning Utility.


Additional Information:

The other DASD utilities, as documented in the CA Mainframe VM Product Manager DASD Utilities guide, are reports off the data VMRMDS produces.


Release: MFVMPM00400-1.1-Mainframe VM Product Manager