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Clarity: v13 Upgrade Notes


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Here is additional information regarding Clarity 13.0 Upgrades.


Upgrading Large Datasets

If your CA Clarity PPM upgrade processes a large volume of data, CA recommends that you override the default memory settings used by the upgrade. The following use cases are covered:

  • Upgrade from a version less than v12.1.1
  • All upgrades for large datasets

Upgrade From a Version Less Than v12.1.1

You can override the default memory settings provided in the CA Clarity PPM v13.0 installer for the v12.1.1 portion of the upgrade. Create a file named and place it in the install/config directory. Set the desired memory values in that file.

The default values used during upgrade are:

  • defaultScriptMaxMem=1024m
  • defaultScriptPermGenMem=128m

Sample settings in the file:

  • defaultScriptMaxMem=2560m
  • defaultScriptPermGenMem=512m

All Upgrades (including upgrades from less than v12.1.1)

You can pass the higher memory settings for the v13.0 portion of the upgrade directly on the install command line. In addition to any other install parameters, pass the new values like this:

install -DdefaultScriptMaxMem=<new value> -DdefaultScriptPermGenMem=<new value>


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus