Change the database username and/or password without having to reinstall or reconfigure ITPAM


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Sometimes administrators realize that the database password is somehow updated or expired. Because of that, Process Automation stops starting up properly. It brings some challenges, because database administrators do not like to change the database password to an older one because of security concerns.

Can I change the database password without having to reinstall or reconfigure Process Automation?


Process Automation - All supported versions


Instructions on changing the database username and/or password for CA IT Process Automation:

  • Stop Process Automation Orchestrator(s).
  • Open a command prompt and go to <PAM_INSTALL_DIR>\server\c2o directory. You should see a script to encrypt password (eg. PasswordEncryption.bat if on a Windows system).
  • Run the command to encrypt the new password:
PasswordEncryption.bat "newPassword" (shows encrypted password on the command prompt).
PasswordEncryption.bat "newPassword" > encrptPass.txt (saves the encrypted password to a file for ease of copy paste).
Repeat this step if you are using different databases (say for reporting and library tables and have different passwords)


  • Make a backup copy of <PAM_INSTALL_DIR>\server\c2o\.config\ (eg. rename to Make sure to store the backup copy in a directory outside of the CA IT Process Automation install directory. Java can still read files even if they are renamed.
  • Open the properties file and look for *.database.username. You will see either 2 or 3 of these properties depending on the version of CA IT Process Automation you are using. Next to this property you will see *.database.password.
  • You will need to modify the properties (username and password) using the corresponding encrypted passwords generated in step 3 for ONLY the ones you want to change. If you are using different databases for runtime and library tables from the reporting tables and would like to change the user / password for DB of runtime and library tables only, then you DO NOT need to change the values for the reporting database.
  • Save the changes and restart CA IT Process Automation Orchestrator(s).


If you get the error message below when running PasswordEncryption.bat, edit this .bat file and put the JAVA_HOME path between double quotes:

See PasswordEncryption.bat file below:

Now it works fine as expected: