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AdminUI :: XPSRegClient : A Client Already Exists with that Name


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On



I try to register the AdminUI with the command:

XPSRegClient siteminder -adminui-setup -vT

and I am getting the following error:

CA-XPS:UTIL0030(FATAL) : A client already exists with that name.

How can I fix this issue?


You get the error message:

A client already exists with that name.

because it seems that a trusted host already exist for the AdminUI.

As you cannot access to the AdminUI to delete the trusted host, please follow this procedure to do so:

  1. Stop your policy server and AdminUI services if they are executing.

  2. Traverse to siteminder/bin folder from the console.

  3. Execute the XPSEXPLORER utility i.e. type XPSExplorer and hit enter

  4. Please select the TrustedHosts option from the XPSEXPLORER and check for all the objects that have been added for AdminUI registration.

  5. Please delete the trusted host with which you want to register.

  6. Then start the Policy Server service and check the connectivity with the Policy Store. The connection attempt must be a success which would mean that the Policy Store objects are accessible.

  7. Execute the command smreg -su <admin passphrase> from siteminder/bin

  8. Execute: xpsregclient adminui-setup <client name e.g. siteminder>:<passphrase e.g. firewall>

  9. Start AdminUI services

  10. Try to login using the username/password as client name e.g. <siteminder>/<passphrase e.g. firewall>.


Component: SMPLC