How do I uninstall the DSM/ITCM Software Management Packager?


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When I log onto my Domain Manager, the Software Packager opens and I am prompted to perform a backup. I do not use the Software Packager, how can I disable or uninstall this functionality?


You can uninstall the Software Packager by going to add/remove programs -select CA Unicenter Desktop and Server Management select change - then choose modify. Leave all three functionality areas selected (Asset Management, Software Delivery, Remote Control.) In the next screen unselect Packaging Tools, if you need the other options available in packaging tools like OS Image prepare system or Desktop Management Script Generator then expand the Packaging tools folder and only unselect Software Management Packager. Select next and you will need to enter the NSM admin password, and then you can continue following the wizard for the removal of software package.

Functionality that is removed can easily be added back in the future if necessary just by re-checking the function that was removed.


Component: BITCM