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Unable to remove specific elements from a group using CLI


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CA eHealth



The error below is returned when trying to remove specific elements from a group in eHealth via CLI:

nhGroup -removeMembers -groups LW-SLA-Site_to_Pop_Latency_MPLS_Sprint_B -elementFile MPLS_Sprint_B_casfodc07s1091.txt

Error: Errors occurred during configuration update, errors are saved in '/distca1/ehealth61/log/pollerAudit.08.05.2011.051450.log'.

Error: Invocation of command 'nhiDciMerge' failed.

Error written in pollerAudit log file:

error 0 removeGroupMember <unknownGroupName> <unknownId> casdsev02r01-serial0/1/0 <unknownId> "element not found" DciOcNoSuchElemName casdsev02r01-serial0/1/0 explicit-operation


The above error is returned when the element names listed in the elementFile do not match with the elements in the eHealth group. You will need to make sure that the elements names listed in the text file should match the same case as what it appears in eHealth group for the elements to be removed from the group.


Component: EHCMD