SQLCODE: -805 Generating XSD


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CA Repository



When attempting to generate a XSD for a Repository Dialog in CA Repository for z/OS WebStation Option, the following error may be received

SQL0805N error, Package.Nullid.SYSLH203 was not found. SQLSTATE=51002


Depending on the type of statement you are executing, DB2 will use a particular package on the server. By default, DB2 creates three packages for each type of package. In this case NULLID.SYSLH2yy is reserved for statements with CURSORHOLD on and isolation level Cursor Stability. The package SYSLH203 means that DB2 is looking for the 4th package (200 is first, 201 is second, etc) of this type, but it does not exist. You can create more packages on the server by connecting to the database and issuing the following bind command from the /sqllib/bnd directory:
db2 bind @db2cli.lst blocking all grant public sqlerror continue CLIPKG 5

Note: CLIPKG 5 will create 5 large packages, and will give you the package that your application is looking for, as well as one more in this case.

For more information, refer to the following IBM Link.


Component: XTR