Enable Email Server Plug in on Business Intelligence for Reporting


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Enable Email Server Plug in on Business Intelligence for reporting, so that user can send the report by email to a certain destination.


SDM: 12.1, Business Intelligence Report configuration:

Configure the jobserver for sending report by email:

  1. Go to CMC on Boxi
  2. Choose "Servers"
  3. Then, "<servername>.destinationjobserver" ***See Notes Below for 12.1 versions***
  4. Check off "Email(SMTP)" and click on "Enable" button.
  5. Click on "Email(SMTP)" and bring up the page.
  6. Fill up the information on the page:
    Domain Name
    Server Name
    Port: 25 (default)
    Note: above are basic information should be filled.
  7. Click on "Update" to save the information.
  8. Now user can try below to send report by email.

This is also documented starting on page 240 of the CA Business Intelligence for CA Service Desk Manager Greenbook (https://support.ca.com/phpdocs/7/common/greenbooks/CA_Business_Intelligence_for_CAServDeskMgr_ENU.pdf )

Sending report by email:
When a user generated a report and wants to send it out by email, he/she may go to the report and click on "schedule", "Destination", pull-down menu "Email recipients", un-check the "Use the Job Server's defaults". Fill in the information on the page: "From", "To", "Subject", and "Message", etc.
Then, click on "Schedule" button to send the report out by email.

***Note: On 12.1, you will need to configure "<servername>.reportjobserver" instead of "<servername>.destinationjobserver"


Component: ARGIS


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