How to include the total time in hours or days for incident ticket open on the BOXI report.


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The below steps outlines the procedure to create an object in Designer.

  1. Launch Designer from the server on which the Business Objects shipped with Service Desk is installed.

  2. Import the CA Service Desk universe using File -> Import.

  3. Create a new Object in the Universe Designer as per below.

  4. Type "Days Closed" in Name field, "(in.close_date - in.open_date)/(24*3600)" in Select field and select "Number" as Type, and click OK.
    For Hours: (in.close_date - in.open_date)/3600
    For Weeks: (in.close_date - in.open_date)/(7*24*3600)

  5. Save the change and export the Universe to make the changes available for universe users. Select 'File' > 'Export' from the Universe Designer menu.

  6. Now this object will be available in the reporting tool that accesses this Universe.


Component: ARGIS