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When setting up Localization and implementing multiple languages within Identity Manager you may have a need to configure translating a 4 letter language code (i.e. zh-tw).

So how do you translate each of the resource bundle property files with a 4 letter Language code dictionary file?

  1. passwordhint.properties
  2. resources.properties (both ui7 & imcss)
  3. IMSresources.properties
  4. IMSExceptions.properties
  5. <tokenized xml>.properties


The Java convention for locale is that a browser language that's represented by xx-yy is represented in java by xx_yy (the dash turns into an underscore).

This entire mechanism is case sensitive.

The resource bundles file that's being picked is:

  • If file exists that matches locale xx_yy then that file is being selected.
  • If file does not exist that matches xx_yy, but another file that matches xx only exists, then that file is being selected.
  • If neither one above is found then the default file without any locale is selected (IMSResources.properties).


Component: IDMGR