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CA Spectrum



Customers may see a few different scenarios;

  • Spectrum does not function

  • No SpectroSERVER is available

  • Check for a running SpectroSERVER process, will see more than one instance

  • Processes appear to be stopping and a new instance starting

  • Spectrum Control Panel ($SPECROOT/SS/VNM.OUT file) shows a message like the following with local environment variables:

    Windows low-frag heap enabled.
    License Expiration Date: 12/31/2017
    Validating and loading SPECTRUM Intelligence Modules.
    All SPECTRUM Intelligence Modules successfully loaded.

    Database already locked by: spectrum,
    by process: <specrootpath>/SS/SpectroSERVER.exe,
    by process ID: <pid>
    on network node: abcspectrum123,
    which started at: 03/14/2012_09:47:10.

    Could not open the database. VNM exiting.
    Landscape not initialized. VNM exiting.
    Shutting down ORB...
    Mar 14 09:50:14
    E:/SPECTRUM/SS/SpectroSERVER.exe starting


This is caused by a non-recommended setting of autoreboot=yes or =y in the <$SPECROOT>/lib/SDPM/SS.idb file.

It is strongly recommended to always set the parameter for this field to the default value, which is "no" (or "n").

If the SpectroSERVER process terminates, it is never a good practice to just start it up automatically without first running through database recovery steps. This is because corruption may occur in the active SpectroSERVER database if the SpectroSERVER terminates while threads are actively interacting with the live database (and therefore interrupted before completed).

In the event that the SpectroSERVER terminates, is best to use the Spectrum Control Panel to restore a previously saved SSdb or save and reload the current database. You will be prompted to remove the database lock file that was left behind as the result of the termination. After database recovery steps have been taken, the administrator should then manually start the SpectroSERVER via the Control Panel.

If the problem described occurs, you will need to modify the <specroot>/lib/SDPM/SS.idb to autoreboot=n. Then kill the problematic SpectroSERVER processes, do the database recovery steps as described above, then restart the SpectroSERVER.

It may be necessary to also restart the Spectrum tomcat service on the OneClick server when this occurs, to allow it to reconnect to the SpectroSERVER.


Component: SPCCSS