Getting session timeouts with MSM


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With MSM, at the SMP/E tab when selecting the maintenance, the popup window 'Reading maintenance packages from Software Catalog' and after some time also the error message 'The call failed on the server; see server log for details' is displayed.

And in the MSM Tomcat Server log you will find the messages:

SEVERE: Exception while dispatching incoming RPC call
Throwable occurred: Read timed out


This is caused by the large amount of data the MSM GUI is retrieving from the MSM Datacom database.
If you check the users setting of the 'Number of Table Rows Displayed' (in his Settings tab, User Setting, User Preferences) it will be 250.
If you lower this to 100, or even to 50 the problem disappears.
If you however want to keep the 250 rows display, you will need to change the timeout values.

The place of the timeout parameters in MSM is in the server.xml member.

The parameter involved:


This says how long the tcpip stack waits for incoming packets (for example you can disconnect notebook from network for less than 20000 ms and the tcpip connection will not be dropped. To solve the problem with the rows displayed at 250, you need to change the connectionTimeout value.. And it could be that you need to set at least 2-3 minutes or unlimited timeout.

The server.xml member can be found in the MSM runtime/tomcat/conf directory.

It is stored in ASCII format and can be edited with ISHELL or with ISPF option P.3.17 and the command EA (Edit Ascii).


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