Copy is missing from the File pulldown of the Role Detail form.


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After having recently configured the Options Manager multi-tenancy option to "on", "Copy" is no longer listed in the File pulldown on the Role Detail form. There are no customizations in place.


After installing multi-tenancy, a recycle of Service Desk Manager services is required. After recycling this and subsequently logging in as the user named "ServiceDesk" with the current role set to Administrator, if no tenants exist, they need to be created. The first tenant that is created is automatically designated as the Service Provider tenant.

After creating that Service Provider tenant, you may want to create a new role for your own purposes. If you try to use File>Copy when viewing an existing role, you notice that the File pull-down only includes a "Print" entry; it no longer includes a "Copy" entry in the list.

To enable the "Copy" capability (and possibly other capabilities) for ServiceDesk contact, you must log off of the ServiceDesk user and then log back in. This is required in order to fully apply the service provider tenant to the ServiceDesk user. The Service Provider tenant is automatically assigned to the ServiceDesk when that tenant is created.


Component: ARGIS