I have setup a group for email notification in CA Automation Point's Notification Manager website, but none of the group members are notified when I send the notification.


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I wanted to create a Notification Manager group of 4 users that I would like to email when certain conditions happen. All 4 users are defined in Notification Manager. I know how to create a group and add the users to the group. But, when I write test code to email everyone in the group, none of the users get the email. But, when I use code to run the email code and email each user defined in NM individually, all 4 users get the email. So, emailing the NM group does nothing but emailing each person defined in NM individually works fine. Please let me know if I am missing something when I create the group. Also not that I am not sure if this started happening with the 11.5 upgrade, or if it happened before that.


The Administrator did not select the "Notify All Active Members" setting in the group contact policy.

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Release: AP327020100-11.5-Automation Point-3270/5250 Interface Option


Make sure that you select the "Notify All Active Members" setting in the group policy definition.

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