CA Workload Automation AE 11.3 installation fails on Solaris 8 due to an error from the


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The CA Workload Automation AE installation fails on Solaris 8 due to the following error from the script:

/var/tmp/EXTRAAAA4Zaq6v/CAWorkloadAutomationAE.d/$ASI_AUTOSYS_INSTDIR/ test: argument expected

17:09:32 !! Script executed with error: 1
Script or command "" failed with exit code 1.
Reason: The script or command encountered a problem.
Action: Find further details in the installation log file.


The error is due to a specific 'if' statement toward the end of the script. The 'if' statement uses a -L argument which is not valid in the Solaris 8 version of /bin/sh. To work around this problem and allow the installation to complete successfully, the following manual steps can be taken during the installation:

  1. Run

  2. At the point where the Installer has displayed the Review Settings panel, create another telnet session to the machine.

  3. From the command line of the new telnet session, change directories to /var/tmp.

  4. Run: ls -ltr Near the bottom of the list is a directory that looks similar to this: EXTRnnnnnnn, where the nnnnnnn is some generated value. Change to that directory.

  5. Next change directories to: CAWorkloadAutomationAE.d/\$ASI_AUTOSYS_INSTDIR

  6. Notice that before the $ there is an escape character \ . This is correct and it must be specified.

  7. Edit and search for "if [ -d "$CASHCOMP/lib/JRE" ];then". This statement will be near the end of the script. In context, it looks like this:
    if [ -d "$CASHCOMP/lib/JRE" ]; then  if [ ! -L "$CASHCOMP/lib/JRE" ]; then  rm -rf $LTMP/as_jre > /dev/null 2>&1  mkdir $LTMP/as_jre  mv $CASHCOMP/lib/JRE/* $LTMP/as_jre  $ECHO ASI_MV_JRE=1 >> $PIF_RESPONSE_FILE  fi  fi  exit 0 

  8. Just above that statement, insert the following line of code:
    exit 0  
    The end result looks like this:
    exit 0  if [ -d "$CASHCOMP/lib/JRE" ]; then  if [ ! -L "$CASHCOMP/lib/JRE" ]; then  rm -rf $LTMP/as_jre > /dev/null 2>&1  mkdir $LTMP/as_jre  mv $CASHCOMP/lib/JRE/* $LTMP/as_jre  $ECHO ASI_MV_JRE=1 >> $PIF_RESPONSE_FILE  fi  fi    exit 0 

  9. Toggle to the telnet session that has the install running and click the Next button to run the install. The installation should run.


Component: ATSYS