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When the Oracle database that is used by Service Desk Manager (SDM) is running on machine that is remote to the SDM servers, pdm_configure may fail during the database connection step. In that case, the following message may be written to the configure.log file: "Process sqlplus completed with exit code 1".

However, when using the same underlying connection syntax from the command line, "sqlplus -L SYS/[email protected]_service_name AS SYSDBA", the connection is successful.


The connection fails because, within the pdm_configure form, when the checkbox that confirms that the database is a remote database is checked, the field containing the password value for SYS is empty and is greyed out. The result is that no password is used by pdm_configure to connect to the remote database.

To resolve this you'll have to unmark the "Remote Database" checkbox in the configuration screen during the "Oracle Database Config" phase, enter the password for SYS (the DBA User Name), and then mark again the "Remote Database" box. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. The page presented during the Oracle Database Config phase of pdm_configure

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Figure 1


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