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Ticket update is not saved


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When using Google Chrome as your web browser a ticket can become locked.

A Save button will be shown in the top right hand corner when the ticket is unlocked.

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save incident.png

When a ticket becomes locked the button to Save changes to Accept.

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Accept button2.png

On a locked ticket, after any changes are made and the Accept button is selected a message appears stating: "This record has 1 accepted update(s) pending."

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record has update pending.png

However once the ticket becomes unlocked the changes are never saved.


Service Desk 14.1Google Chrome


In Google Chrome the close window is not sending the cancel request to the webengine (with opcode OP=CANCEL). 

In Internet Explorer and Firefox the cancel request does go out to the webengine.



PROB #:  3641      

The correction to this problem should be available via a test fix patch.

Please open a Technical Support issue to request it if desired.


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