How to change your Knowledge Tools search engine from FAST ESP to the KT Search Engine?


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Steps provided on how to reconfigure a Service Desk Manager install to use the internal KT Search Engine instead of FAST ESP.


In the CA Service Desk Manager Product Roadmap the following statement is mentioned:

"FAST search engine: The optional FAST search engine has been removed from the CA Service Desk Manager offering as of June 2011. Customers with previous implementations may continue to use the previously delivered capability through May 2013, as the provider of FAST has discontinued the product. Customers are recommended to revert to the embedded (EBR) search mechanism for knowledge document searches. The FAST search engine product license key expires on June 01, 2013."

This document will provide information on how to reconfigure your Service Desk Manager server to use the internal KT Search Engine instead of FAST ESP so that can prepare for the fast approaching date of June 1, 2013 when FAST ESP will stop functioning due to its internal license expiration.

  1. Log into your Service Desk Manager server that is currently configured to use FAST ESP for Knowledge Tools indexing with a user with Administrator level access.

  2. Go to the "Administration" tab and select "Options Manager". Within the Options Manager click "Search Engine", this will resend a list of all Search Engine related Options.

  3. Select the Option titled "ebr_search_engine_host", currently this option should have the "Value" populated with the server name or IP address of your FAST ESP server, you will edit this option and blank the value out to leave it as empty, and then save.

  4. Go back to the Search Engine Options Manager list and select the Option "ebr_version", Edit the Option, it should currently be set for "Fast", select "KT Search Engine" from the dropdown, and then save.

  5. After making the needed changes to these two options you must recycle Service Desk Manager services for the changes to take effect.

  6. Once Service Desk Manager has started again you need to open a command prompt on the Service Desk Manager server and run the following command to perform a clean reindex of your knowledge index:


    Please be aware that this could take an extended time if there are a large number of knowledge documents in the environment.

Once this is completed Service Desk Manager's Knowledge Tools will be indexed with the internal KT Search Engine.

Please be aware that by default the Knowledge Management Host is configured to be your Primary Service Desk Manager server. If you want to move the Knowledge Daemons to a secondary server this can be done by using the "pdm_perl" command on the primary server and selecting option "K" and editing the host to point to a secondary server instead of the primary Service Desk Manager server, and then following all post steps provided.

For more information on the Service Desk Manager Roadmap please review:


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