The following error appears in the Service Desk login page after a network issue: "AHD04620:Error in definition of PDM_MACRO BUTTON"


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After a failure in the connection to the Service Desk server, the login page shows the following error message:

AHD04620:Error in definition PDM_MACRO BUTTON

There are no missing values in the tables usp_pdmMacro and usp_pdmMacroParam.
Users are able to login and work properly in Service Desk after login.


During the momentary disconnection of Service Desk, the cache become corrupted causing the error to get prompted.


Service Desk 14.1 or above


Use the command pdm_webcache -H and pdm_webcache -b to clean the tomcat and browser cache.

1. In the Service Desk server, open a command prompt window.

2. Type: pdm_webcache -H and hit enter. This command will clear webengine HTMPL cache.

3. Then type: pdm_webcache -b and hit enter. This command will alert users to update browser cache.

4. Refresh the login page in your browser.