Reactivation of an inactive project which is locked by a User will return these errors: E03020054 and E03060003


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister




  • Product: CA Software Change Manager Named User -Release: 12.0 FP2 (12.0.2)

  • Operating system AIX 5.3


  • Reactivation of inactive project does not work because another user has one or more of the packages inside that project locked.

  • These steps were done to reactivate the project: Go to the SCM Administrator, log in to the specific broker, find the project in the "Inactive projects", Perform an right-click and select Properties, clicked the Activate radio button and pressed OK. The following error appears (example):
    E03020054: The package named BE_FORTIS_PSA6_V49.00_N_Siva_EC_29042012 is being used by Checkin . Client: /pt_HClient://wdv00534/13736 Server:
    E03060003: Could not update 23022 object in SCM Repository:

  • The user can not check the package in because the project is inactive.

As a result, the project cannot be reset to an active status because a package inside the project is locked, and the package cannot be checked in because the project is inactive.


With this command you should be able to unlock the package which is locked by the user:

hpkgunlk Command-Unlock Package
This command is use by administators only.

The hpkgunlk command lets administrators unlock packages that have been locked in a non-idle status. If a package retains its in-use status and gets locked (preventing users from performing any further processes on the package), an administrator must first verify that the package is not in use by another CA SCM user. The administrator can then use the hpkgunlk command to reset the status of a locked package and make it available for processes.

This command has the following format:

hpkgunlk package_name {-b name -en name} {-usr username -pw password} [-v] [-
prompt] [-i inputfile.txt | -di inputfile.txt] [-eh filename] [-o filename or
-oa filename] [-wts] [-h]

More information can be found under CA SCM Command Line Reference Guide.


Component: CCCHV