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CA SAM\EI Event management services stops when Event Manager is not available


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)



P>The 'CA EI Event Management and CA SAM Event Management' services cannot restart when Event Manager is down for some time or Event Manager is rebooted. These connectors do not show in the 'Event Policy' GUI under Data Source until the above services are recycled.


For an EI 3.0 installation the configuration file is "\Event Integration\Event\conf\eventManagerServerConfig.xml"

For SOI connector installations it is "\SOI\resources\eventManagerServerConfig.xml"

They are copies of the same file. The following parameters are of interest:

<property name="reconnectAttempts" value="30"/>
<property name="reconnectTime" value="20"/>

These are the default settings: 20 seconds reconnect time with 30 retries. If no connection can be (re)established, the service will exit. We need to increase the product of the two to whatever makes sense for the environment. The default is 600 seconds == 10 minutes. You may increase the values as mentioned below:

Ex: reconnectTime=60,

...then restart Services on the connector node.


Component: EICOM