Clarity: DMS File Upload Size Limit is not checked and user is able to check-in larger files for existing files


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If there is an existing file stored in Clarity DMS Collaboration, if the end-user checks out the document, makes changes to increase the size of the file and uploads it or checks it back in with a size that is greater than the CSA 'File Upload Size Limit' the application does not check for this limitation and the file is uploaded successfully.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log in to NSA > Server Properties > Documents and Search Tab
  2. Set 'File Upload Size Limit' = 20 (In megabytes, whole numbers only)
  3. Click 'Save' button
  4. Restart Services
  5. Log into Clarity as a user with access for Project > Collaboration or KnowledgeStore
  6. Upload a file that is less than the specified limitation (< 20 MB)
  7. Check out the File
  8. Modify the file making the overall size greater than the specified limitation (>20 MB)
  9. Check in the File

Expected Result: DMS-01032: the system did not receive the file data. There was either a session timeout, or the uploaded data exceeded the maximum size limit of 20 MB. Please try again.
Actual Result: The upload action is successful



Resolved in Clarity 13.3

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-67500, clarity13resolved, clarity133resolved.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus