How to import new users to EEM.


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How do you import new users to EEM 8.4?


Component: ARGIS

Embedded Entitlements Manager 8.4


You can import the information of the users you want to EEM 8.4 by the following steps. 
You will need an XML file that contains the EEM users you want, and describe the necessary information to the XML file.

The password of each user needs to be converted to the encrypted value, and set in the XML. 
You can run the safex.exe command as follows and get the returned value that is encrypted.

 safex -sha1encodeddigest <password you want>
   (i.e.)      C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\iTechnology>safex -sha1encodeddigest passwordsample {SHA}Kqw6nJrsg1oM+yXaGEIJiCf/YM8=

The following is an example of the xml file's content. 
This content will be for 'Test001' user only. 
If you would like to import many users at once, it is necessary to copy the <GlobalUser> section to make an entry for each.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='no'?> <Safex>  <Attach/>     <AddOrModify>         <GlobalUser folder="/" name="Test001">             <UserName>Test001</UserName>             <FirstName>Test</FirstName>             <MiddleName>D</MiddleName>             <LastName>001</LastName>             <DisplayName>Test D 001</DisplayName>             <DirectoryPasswordDigest>{SHA}Kqw6nJrsg1oM+yXaGEIJiCf/YM8=</DirectoryPasswordDigest>             <ChangePasswordNextLogin>True</ChangePasswordNextLogin>         </GlobalUser>      </Add></Safex> 

The following command will then import the contents of the xml file.

safex.exe -h <hostname> -u EiamAdmin -p <password> -f <path of the xml file>
    (i.e.)     C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\iTechnology>safex.exe -h <hostname> -u EiamAdmin -p <password> -f <path of xml file>    Setting back end to "<hostname>"        Setting locale to "en_us"        Detected EEM Server on host: [<hostname>]     OK: Successfully Authenticated    OK: action[Attach] with ApplicationInstance label[]    OK: action[Add] performed on object[GlobalUser] name[/Test001]    OK: Total objects Added[1]    OK: Total objects Modified[0]    OK: Total objects Removed[0]    OK: Total objects Skipped[0]    OK: Total objects Exported[0]