Problem to handle user profile picture on IDM
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Problem to handle user profile picture on IDM


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Customer is trying to configure a field on the User Profile tasks in Identity Manager, to handle User Profile Photo for the users. They configured the field on the task screen definition but they cannot upload any picture to it.


CA Identity Manager r12.6 SP5 (but this issue applies to different Identity Manager releases)


The directory physical attribute they are using to store the profile picture (jpegPhoto) was declared in the User Store XML, which triggers errors when you try to upload the picture file to it.


Option #1:

Look for a Directory attribute on your User Store directory schema that is not declared on your current User Store XML (for example, internationalISDNNumber) then, on your tasks, use this undeclared field as your Picture field.


Option #2:

If you have declared all attributes from your User Store schema into the User Store XML, then you will need to remove one field from your User Store XML in order to be able to use it as a Picture field. To accomplish this, do the following:

  1. Export your Environment ZIP file and your User Store XML; 
  2. Comment out the line referring "jpegPhoto" on the User Store XML; 
  3. Change, inside the XML, the User Store name; 
  4. Import the modified XML into Management Console to create a NEW User Store; 
  5. Create a new environment using the XML from the ZIP you took from your previous environment, just changing the User Store to the new, modified User Store you created on step 4 above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Creating a new environment and deleting the previous one will make the Task Persistence and Archive data from the old environment inaccessible, because the Environment ID will be different on the new environment - so please be careful and plan to properly configure the picture field before going to production.


Now you can work with the Picture field.