Error: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied.


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After installing a Workload Automation AE System Agent, the agent may fail to start.

The following error may be found in the $AUTOSYS/../SystemAgent/<agent>/nohup.stderr file:

Note: default <agent> is WA_AGENT

  ... : cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied


This error can occur when the SELinux setting is enabled on the server. Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a Linux feature that provides a mechanism for supporting access control security policies.

The following expands upon what is documented in Chapter 12 of the WAAE Agent for UNIX, Linux, or Windows Implementation Guide.

Modify the security context for shared object (*.so) or self-extracting binary files (*.bin). This will allow the agent to load the libraries it needs to startup.

Enter the following commands under root authority:

find /<AgentInstallDirectory> -name "*.so" -exec chcon  -t texrel_shlib_t {} \;     
find /<AgentInstallDirectory> -name "*.bin" -exec chcon -t texrel_shlib_t {} \; 
chcon -t texrel_shlib_t /<AgentInstallDirectory>/chkusr 

Note: If the Micro Focus agent plug-in is installed, enter the following command:

chcon -t texrel_shlib_t /<AgentInstallDirectory>/cybMFCommand 


To disable SELinux permanently, edit the file: /etc/selinux/config and change:




A reboot of the server will be required.

Note: You can disable SELinux temporarily by executing the following command as root:

/usr/sbin/setenforce 0 


Release: ATSAGE99000-11.3-Workload Automation AE-Remote Agent