Not Able To Import Services from Spectrum through its SOI Connector


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CA Spectrum


When trying to import a service from Spectrum through its SOI Connector a generic failure error is seen.

The key to most problems such as this is the SpectrumIM_Connector.log file found on the Spectrum SOI Connector host server. This is the server on which the SOI Integration Services is installed and thus on the host where the connectors such as the Spectrum SOI Connector has been installed.

The log is found in the directory $SOI_Connector_Host_Home\Program Files\CA\SOI\log.

If we look in the log file a common error can be seen. Referencing a NO_USER problem.

An example of this error is:

[CA:[email protected]],01-31-12 15:32:51,ERROR logException :4301 Exception:
exception com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCException.CsCSpectrumException {
com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCError.CsCError_e error=NO_USER,
java.lang.String messageFormatID="CsCModelDomain.getServerProperties.user.hostList.NO_USER"

While the standout part of the error might appear to be NO_USER it can be misleading.

What this is really telling us is that the connector is trying to connect to and access the SpectroSERVER but that the host list is missing the SOI Connector host server.


Release: Any
Component: SPCINT


To resolve this problem log in to the SpectroSERVER system and launch the Spectrum Control Panel (SCP).

Select the 'Host Security' button in the Configure area of the SCP or from the Configure drop down menu.

When the Host Security UI opens, add the host name of the SOI Connector Host to the 'Server List' area.

No SpectroSERVER restart is necessary but you will need to cycle the SOI Connector by cycling the 'CA SAM Integration Services' Service on the Connector Host server.

Once that is done the NO_USER error should no longer appear and the import will be successful.