Spectrum Schedules do not run after manually editing the model attributes


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Spectrum Schedules do not run after manually editing the model attributes


The SCHED_* attributes on the Schedule models are able to be edited in the Spectrum OneClick client console UI as they are writable attributes.

But a key detail here is that their settings from their attributes aren't read into the SpectroSERVER, and used by other models they are associated to such as Discovery Configuration models, on the fly or when changes are made to the attributes.

The Schedule models are only read into the SpectroSERVER and in use under two scenarios.

  1. When the SpectroSERVER is restarted through a SpectroSERVER stop/start

  2. When the Schedule is first created as a new Schedule model


Release: Any
Component: SPCDIS


At this time there is no method available to edit the time frame set on Schedules after being created. Manual editing of the Schedule models SCHED_* attributes was not the way it the design intended for the Schedule models to be utilized, being edited after they are created.

The following tests were performed to validate this functionality:

  • Create a new Schedule model to launch at 1:00 PM.

  • Set it as the active Schedule against a Discovery Configuration out of the AutoDiscovery UI.

  • The Discovery Configuration it was set against ran successfully at the set time of 1:00 PM

  • The attributes on the Schedule model involved were modified as follows:

SCHED_Start_Minute from 1:00 PM to 1:10 PM to see if it runs a 10 minutes later after editing

  • The Locator->Schedules->All Schedules search for the Schedule created, when refreshed reflects the correct time changes per the attribute changes.

  • The Discovery Configuration involved also reflects the change to the Schedule models time frame that is set.

  • The edited Schedule never ran at the changed time of 1:10 PM

  • Next we edit the same Schedule model to now run at 1:20 PM instead of 1:10 PM

  • Launched the SpectroSERVER Control Panel (SCP) and selected to Stop the SpectroSERVER

  • When it was stopped and reflected a status of Inactive in the SCP, selected to Start the SpectroSERVER

Once the SpectroSERVER completed its restart, when examining the Discovery Configuration results, we see that it now ran at the edited time frame set against the Schedule model at 1:30 PM.

What can be done to make this work? The options at this time are to either:

  1. Cycle the SpectroSERVER after changing the Schedule attributes

  2. Delete and recreate the Schedule that needs to be changed