Steps to repoint a Business Objects Universe to a new reporting database (for Software Compliance Manager or Asset Portfolio Management 12.x installations)


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  1. Log onto the Business Objects server. Launch the Business Objects designer from the start menu

  2. Login as Administrator and the main design window launches

  3. From the File menu, select Import to import an existing universe

  4. Click Browse to locate the CA Allegheny universe and click OK

  5. Click OK on the next screen to import the universe. You'll see a message that the universe imported successfully

  6. From the File menu, choose Parameters

  7. Click EDIT to edit the 'Allegheny' connection

  8. Change the server name and the port number to point to a new MDB server name

    For example: tcp:<MyDBServerName>,1433 (NOTE: 1433 is the port number for a sql server default instance)
    If using a named instance, use this syntax: tcp:<NamedInstance>\<MyDBServerName>,1433

  9. Click Text Connection to verify the database connectivity

  10. Click next a few times to go through all the screens (keeping defaults), then click finish.

  11. Click OK, to return to the main Universe window

  12. Close the Business Objects designer universe and save the changes on exit.

  13. Restart the Server Intelligence Agent service

On the SWCM web server machine

  1. Edit the SWCM\Web Server\web.config file

  2. Change the following keys to point to the new Business Objects machine

    <add key="ReportingWebServiceServer" value="<Your BO Server Name>:<port#>" />

    Note: Launch Business Objects Java Infoview on the Business Objects server to obtain the correct port number.

    <add key="ReportingUser" value="Administrator" />
    <add key="ReportingPassword" value="P6pGPgJ2286apvbop44mNw==" />
    <add key="ReportingWebServerVersion" value="3.0" />

    Restart IIS on both the SWCM web and application servers.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration