Reconfigure option does not immediately remove stale interfaces in Spectrum OneClick


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Reconfigure option does not immediately remove stale interfaces in Spectrum OneClick

If a new interface is added to a device in the network it will be updated in Spectrum OneClick upon reconfiguration. Similarly if any existing interface is deleted, the same should be updated in OneClick. Follow the steps below to configure Spectrum to delete the existing stale interfaces on an existing model in less time.


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By default if an interface is deleted on a device it will not be updated in Spectrum immediately. The time taken for Spectrum to update this depends on an attribute called "PortAgeOutTime". The default value configured for this attribute is 120 minutes. In order for Spectrum to delete an interface more quickly, we need to reduce the value specified for this attribute using the attribute editor on the device model.

  1. Go to the Model -> Component details panel -> Information tab -> Attributes tab.

  2. Filter for PortAgeOutTime on the left pane.

  3. Double click on the attribute. Now in the right panel the value for this attribute will be shown as 120 minutes.

  4. Now double click on this attribute in the right panel.

  5. Edit the value as per your requirement.

Additionally, you can also configure OneClick to get alarms for stale interfaces by setting the Attribute "Enable stale interface alarms" to Yes. Also by viewing the attribute "HasStaleInterfaces" you can also know whether there are any stale interface existing for this model in OneClick. Both these attributes are available on the model.

Note: Stale interfaces will be removed only after an interface reconfiguration is done. For this to happen automatically it requires an ifNumber to change on the device or a manual reconfiguration from OneClick is necessary.