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When the workfile is created using the PARM option, is there a way to control the buffers assigned to the workfile? In releases prior to 11.x, the default was 2 buffers and it could be overridden on the FILE statement for output files not in the JCL. What are my options now that I'm using r11.x?


When you are executing in compatibility mode (11.6-C), the WORKFILE parameter for EZOPTBL doesn't have any effect anyway with NEWFUNC N.

When running in 11.6 native (NEWFUNC Y) and using WORKFILE Y, WORKFSPA specifies the SPACE allocation in CYLinders.

However, WORKFILE on the FILE statement and FILE statements for each work file and the related JCL DD statements are no longer needed as these will be allocated dynamically.

When the OPEN macro is executed, the system I/O routines open the file and allocate the I/O buffers it needs to process the file. There is no GETMAIN in any version of Easytrieve for those buffers.

The timing of when the OPEN's are done is different in r11 than it was in 6.4


Release: EDBMSU00200-11.5-Easytrieve-Report Generator-Option for DB2-MSU