How can I use a lowercase "caisd" to access the URL of the Service Desk Manager web client Login page?


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It is possible to specify the "/CAisd/pdmweb.exe" portion of the Login URL as "/caisd/pdmweb.exe" when running on Windows. This article explains how.


Not being able to use the lower case URL is an indication that the configuration type of the Service Desk Manager (SDM) primary server is set to "Tomcat Server only".

Tomcat content-path values are case-sensitive. Although it may be possible to change the Tomcat configuration to use lowercase, doing so may introduce other problems and any change of this kind is not supported by CA Support.

Microsoft Information Internet Services (IIS), when implemented out-of-the-box, does not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters in URL and content-path. When the Service Desk Manager primary server is running on the Microsoft Windows operating system, you can use IIS instead of Tomcat so that you can use the lowercase "caisd" in the Login URL for SDM.

To configure Service Desk Manager to use IIS, you may follow these steps:

  1. Run the Configure tool from the Windows Start -> All Programs -> CA -> Configure.
    Alternatively, you may open a Windows Command Prompt and run: pdm_configure
    See Figure 1.

  2. During the Web Interface phase, select "Tomcat and IIS http Server(default)".
    See Figure 2.

  3. Confirm that tool completed successfully.

    Note: If you have SDM secondary servers, pdm_configure should be run on those servers first.

Figure 1. Start -> All Programs

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Figure 1

Figure 2. Configure (pdm_configure) - the values in the Config Type pulldown field

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Figure 2


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