APM 12.6 installation fails with error: ITAMBOSetup.bat was unexpected at this time


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The message: ITAMBOSetup.bat was unexpected at this time, occurs when the Business Objects software has not been installed on the Business Objects server specified during the APM installation, AND the option to 'Install Business Objects' was checked ON.

When the 'Install Business Objects' checkbox is ON, this installs the APM business objects reports into an existing Business Objects server. This option does NOT actually install the Business Objects software. When the option to 'Install Business Objects' is not checked, the installation does not ask for Business Objects server information and it bypasses the installation of Business Objects reports.

To clear this error and complete the installation (without installing Business Objects):

  1. Minimize the APM configuration page

  2. Edit the \CA\ITAM\InstallConfig\Remcom\ITAMBOSetup.bat file with notepad or other editor

  3. After the line that reads @echo off, insert this line: goto :fini

  4. Close and save the file

  5. Return to the APM configuration page and click retry setup.

The installation will bypass the installation of the report files and continue to completion.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration