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Backing up the Process Automation EEM application


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Instructions for backing up the EEM application for Process Automation (ITPAM)



Release: ITPASA99000-3.1-Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation


Steps to backup the Process Automation Application in EEM

  1. Log in to the Process Automation app in EEM as EiamAdmin

  2. Go to the "Configure" tab then "EEM Server" and select "Export Application".

  3. Uncheck all of the boxes for "Global Users, Global User Groups, Global Folders, Global Settings" then click on Export. We are unchecking all Global as we only want to export for the ITPAM application, not the EEM global application.

    This creates a gzip file application_name.xml.gz

  4. Make a backup copy of the p12 certificate file located in the ITPAM install directory under:


    You now have a backup of your application.

Steps to restore the Process Automation Application in EEM

  1. Install EEM

  2. Unzip the gzip file created during the backup steps above.

  3. Modify the XML file from the gzip extract to:

    1. Change the password to match the certificate password you entered when installing ITPAM (default password is itpamcertpass)

    2. Change the p12 file name to match the p12 file you backed up in the steps above.

  4. Move the p12 file and the xml file over to the iTechnology directory on the new EEM installation

  5. Import the XML file into EEM using the safex command from a command prompt:

    Safex -h localhost -u EiamAdmin -p (eiamadmin_password) -f <filename>.xml

    (Safex is found in the EEM iTechnology folder)

    Now you will have a restored EEM Process Automation (ITPAM) application.