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The SPECTRUM key is invalid for version key: invalid key


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CA Spectrum


When attempting to start the SpectroSERVER from the Control Panel the following error is seen:

The SPECTRUM key is invalid for version key: invalid key.

The SpectroSERVER then goes to a status of "Inactive"


This happens if the $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc is either missing or for some reason has been renamed.


Release: Any
Component: SPCCSS


Spectrum needs the .vnmrc file to read the key for startup. The best way to determine if the .vnmrc file has been renamed is to do the following:

  1. Open a bash prompt (Start a command prompt, then type bash -login)

  2. Change directory to the Spectrum SS directory; cd SS

  3. List all files including hidden files; ls -la

  4. Check to see if the .vnmrc has been renamed to .vnmrc.vnmrc

  5. Run the following command to rename the .vnmrc.vnmrc file back to just .vnmrc; mv .vnmrc.vnmrc .vnmrc

If the .vnmrc is simply missing, check in the $SPECROOT/SS directory for a backup copy and rename according to the steps mentioned above. If there is no backup then the .vnmrc will have to be moved over from another machine. If there are no other machines, contact CA Spectrum support for a copy of a .vnmrc that can be modified with local information.

After a valid .vnmrc file has been moved into the $SPECROOT/SS directory the SpectroSERVER will start without error.