How does RO17386 impact IBM LPA module IKJEFXSR?


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RO17386 is for SERVICEABILITY. Serviceability ensures a consistent method of handling program failures. Serviceability includes Message identification, collection of diagnostics, and identification of resources, which will simplify self-help and preventative and corrective maintenance. This is the CCS r11 PTF to include Serviceability support. Serviceability is a part of the CA Mainframe 2.0 initiative.


This solution introduces the "Serviceability" subcomponent to the CAIRIM component. This solution defines an ALIAS for the IBM TSO module but only front-ends the real IBM module. Once we build our environment for "Serviceability" we pass control to the real IBM module. So any changes you make to the IBM module will not be impacted in any way.

"The reason that Serviceability has an ALIAS for IBM TSO module IKJEFXSR is that this is a convenient spot during the early part of the z/OS IPL to establish the Serviceability environment. Serviceability control blocks are created and dynamic LPA modules get loaded.

The IKJEFXSR alias allows module CCSEFXSR to front end the real IKJEFXSR. After CCSEFXSR completes its processing, control is passed to the real IKJEFXSR and there is no affect on TSO initialization.

CCSEFXSR does not perform any operations that have anything to do with TSO. The only reason for using this spot is ease of implementation.

The reason that the Serviceability environment is established so early in the IPL is that other CA products may have a requirement to also run early in the IPL and thus these products can exploit Serviceability without any problem.

CCSEFXSR also has the second purpose of setting up the environment that allows the CAMASTER and the CAHCHECK address space to be initialized early in the IPL so that CA products that run early in the IPL can also exploit Health Checks.

CAMASTER and CAHCHECK are new address spaces that come with CA Health Checker Common Service r12.1 (sometimes called phase II of the CA Health Checker MF 2.0 initiative). Serviceability is a prereq for CA HC CS r12.1".


Component: CAIRIM