Asserting Process Down alarms on the Host model in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


How to configure Spectrum to assert Process Down alarms on the associated Host model. By default, after creating a Monitored Process, SPECTRUM will assert an alarm on the Process model not the Host model.


Release: Any
Component: SPCDIS


To have the alarm asserted on the associated Host model, follow these steps for an individual Host model:

  1. Find and select the Host model

  2. In the Component Details window select the Information tab

  3. Find and expand the System Resources -> Running and Monitored Processes -> RFC2790 -> Monitored Processes (RFC 2790) folder

  4. Set the Generate Alarm On option to: Device Model

To change the default setting to assert the alarm for all Host models, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Locater tab in the Navigation panel

  2. Execute the Application Models -> All Application Models search

  3. Filter for rfc2790App in the Results tab on the Contents panel

  4. Highlight all of the rfc2790App models in the Results tab of the Contents panel. Right mouse click and select Utilities -> Attribute Editor from the menu

  5. In the Attribute Editor window, click on the add link to the right of the User Defined entry under the Attributes folder

  6. In the Attribute Selector window

    1. Filter for the PMon_SendAlarmsTo (0xc4112b) attribute for the rfc2790App model

    2. Select the PMon_SendAlarmsTo (0xc4112b) attribute for the rfc2790App model

    3. Click on the OK button

  7. In the Attribute Editor window

    1. Select the PMon_SendAlarmsTo (0xc4112b) attribute

    2. Click on the ">" button

    3. Uncheck the No Change check box

    4. Select Device for the value

    5. Check the Set As Default check box

    6. Click on the Apply button

  8. In the confirmation window, click on the Yes button to confirm the default value change

  9. In the Attribute Edit Results window, click on the Close button

  10. In the Attribute Editor windows, click on the OK button to close the window