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Clarity: Default Values are appearing in the Object Views Properties Fields although no default value has been selected


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No Default Value has been selected for an MVL attribute. When you view the Fields Listing ; all the values show up as 'Default' values.
I created a multivalue lookup attribute for the "Issue" object. No default value was selected for this attribute. When I selected this attribute in [Layout:Edit] view, automatically all the values within the lookup appear under "Defaults" column. This makes the View page difficult to navigate and modify. It takes a long time to load the page. i.e going forward if any changes to the attributes listed in the [Layout: Create]/[Layout: Edit] to be made, the loading of the page itself takes a long time. But this was not the case in version 12.

This behavior is showing the list of issues and risks created, and accumulating them as they all show up on the DEFAULT COLUMN - (at the end of the row on the right of the last column, see screen shots and recording)

This behavior did not show up on version 12.1.x - but it is present on version 13.0 - under: (Issues or Risks)
Object: Risk | Partition: System | View: Risk Properties - Property Fields.
Partitions do not make a difference and have no bearing on this behavior.

This seems to occur for any object, the steps below use the 'Issue' object as an example. Check other objects or sub-objects for this behavior.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login as a Clarity administrator

  2. Administration > Studio: Objects > Issue Object > Attributes

  3. Create a new attribute

    Attribute Name = myMVL1000
    Attribute ID = myMVL1000
    Type = Multi-Value Lookup
    Lookup = Resource Browse (it could be any dynamic lookup)
    DO NOT select a Default Value

  4. Views > Issue Properties [Layout:Edit] > List Section: Layout

  5. Move the new multi-value lookup to the layout > Save and Return

  6. Go to Issue Properties [Fields] > Show All / Display All

Expected Results: The application should not have all the values designated as a default because there is no default selected

Actual Results: Because the application is trying to pull all values for this lookup, the performance is poor in rending the [Layout:Edit] page for the administrator when this attribute is added to the selected list of attributes. If the multi-value lookup is using a Dynamic Query as the data provider, the list of values returned can potentially be large and can degrade performance over time as the list of values grows.


Set a default value on the multi-value lookup.

Resolved in Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch. Reference TEC572268
Resolved in Clarity 13.1.0

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-65571, CLRT-66853, clarity13resolved, clarity1310resolved, clarity13open, mvl, odf.objectPropertiesFields.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus