Resource Allocation and Actuals Time Scaled Values are not displaying when the project is marked inactive


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Resources time scaled value (TSV) allocation and actuals are not displaying (blank) for inactive projects. You can edit the allocation in a tsv and it will save, you just cannot see it.

This is a display issue in any portlet that supports resource allocation in a timescale view.

Steps to Reproduce for Allocations:

  1. Create a project in Clarity PPM
  2. Assign a resource to the project with default allocation of 0.00
  3. Go to the team detail view and change the tsv to display monthly
  4. Enter 50 hours in Dec and Jan and Save
  5. Go to the team properties view and note you have an allocation segment for 12/1/2011 to 1/31/2012
  6. Now mark the project inactive
  7. Go back to the detail view and note you do not see the 50 hours in Dec or Jan
  8. Type in 25 hours in Jan and Save
  9. Go to the team properties view and note you now have two allocation segments for 12/1/2011-12/31/2011 and 1/1/2012- 1/31/2012

Expected Result: When a project is inactive you should still see the resource allocation in a TSV
Actual Result: In the allocation TSV the allocation is blank


This issue applies to versions prior to PPM 14.4.


This has been documented as CLRT-65828 and working as designed in versions prior to PPM 14.4. Starting in 14.4, this capability has been added. To be able to filter on Inactive Investments, see KB: KB000131391

Here's an excerpt from the PPM 14.4 Release Notes on this change:

New Features and Enhancements

Allocation and Actuals for Inactive Projects

In previous releases, time-scaled resource allocation and actuals did not include inactive projects. In this release, the information is included to resolve the following historic business case:

  • You finish a project and mark it inactive and plan to formally close it later.

  • While it is inactive, you continue planning.

  • In previous releases, portlets excluded allocations and actuals with time-scaled values derived from your inactive projects. 

The Allocation-by-Period columns now support the inclusion of inactive investments on the Detail tab of the following portlets:

  • Top Down Planning by Investment
  • Weekly Detail

To improve your planning capabilities, you can now view allocations and actuals for resources for both active and inactive investments.

Studio developers can take advantage of this enhancement in the Team Allocations system data provider.