How to change the holidays in CA Calendar Routines?


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Calendar Routines



This document describes the procedure for adding, removing, or modifying the dates that CA Calendar Routines considers to be holidays.


Here are the steps for changing the holidays in CA Calendar Routines.

  1. If you have a COPYBOOK named TRCHLT01, rename it to TRCHLTX1.

  2. If you have a PROGRAM named TRCHLP01, rename it to TRCHLPX1.

  3. Modify the list of dates in JCL TRCHLGEN to add, change, or remove dates as necessary.

  4. Run job TRCHLGEN. It will create new TRCHLT01 and TRCHLP01 files.

  5. Check the new TRCHLT01 and TRCHLP01 to make sure that they are correct.

  6. Repeat steps 1 - 4 to create new versions of TRCHLT02 & TRCHLP02 (and higher) if you have them.

  7. Review your source code for COBOL program TRCENGIN. Find which of the following three mutually exclusive options it uses.

    1. If TRCENGIN links dynamically to TRCHLP01, compile TRCHLP01. Proceed to step 10.

    2. If TRCENGIN links statically to TRCHLP01, compile TRCHLP01. Proceed to step 8.

    3. If TRCENGIN uses copybook TRCHLT01, proceed to step 8.

  8. Rename LOADLIB member TRCENGIN to save it.

  9. Recompile program TRCENGIN.

  10. If you use CA Calendar Routines under CICS, repeat step 7 for TRCENGNC.

    Make sure there were no errors in the recompile of TRCENGIN.

    You are now ready to test.


Component: TCCR