Spectrum Connector for Service Operations Insight (SOI) imports models with similar sysNames as one CI.


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CA Spectrum


This is working as designed because Catalyst/SOI uses the sysName attribute to correlate possible duplicate models into one CI.

This is useful for when the same device is modeled across multiple landscapes. In this case, the multiple models would be reduced to one CI in SOI, which is the correct representation.


Release: Any version integrated with SOI


If you need to have one CI per model created although they have similar sysNames, follow these steps:

Edit the <SOI>\resources\core\Catalogpolicy\spectrum_policy.xml file:

  1. Locate the event class "NetworkEntity", which will extend "Item".

  2. For that event class, in the Format section, find the Field with conditional="sysName".

  3. For the "format" value, change "{0} to "{0}_{1}".

  4. For the "input" value, enter "sysName,Model_Name". This will set the sysName in Catalyst to "SysName_Model_Name".

  5. If customers would rather use the IP address instead of the model name, then for the "input" value, enter "sysName,Network_Address".

  6. Restart the SpectrumIM Connector.

Please note: The sysName that Catalyst/SOI has for these devices will now not match what Spectrum has. Also, modifications to the spectrum_policy.xml file are not preserved after an upgrade to the connector. This change will need to be added again after the SpectrumIM Connector is upgraded either by a patch or a new release.